Monday, November 11, 2013

Misinformation Driving Wolf Hunt In Michigan, Too

Seems it is the wolf hunters who cry wolf.

In Wisconsin, a former State Senator-turned-lobbyist claimed no hunter could kill a wolf without the help of hunting dogs - - a statement proved wrong by, to date, 321 killed wolves while the dog issue remains in court: 

And remember when hunting lobbyist and former Redgranite GOP State Sen. Bob Welch predicted that without dogs, not one hunter would be able to kill a wolf?
Bob Welch, executive director of the Wisconsin Hunters Rights Coalition, an organization that was active in lobbying for the season and also in authoring the legislation creating the hunt, said hunters who cannot use dogs won't kill wolves.

"I think it would be very unlikely you'd even get one," Welch said.
At least in Michigan, wolf hunt advocates are admitting they made things up:
There is more fallout this week in the wake of the investigative series exposing politicians and state officials who made up stories out of whole cloth in order to prompt Michigan’s first wolf hunting season in half a century.
A leading booster of the wolf hunt, Sen. Tom Casperson, took to the floor of the state Senate yesterday and apologized to his colleagues and to voters for including a fictional account about wolves at a daycare center in a resolution he authored in 2011.
Welch's approach throws other things into question, principally the antiquated belief that a Wisconsin wolf population of 350 - - a figure put out ago by hunting advocates anxious to radically thin packs - -  is scientifically justifiable or sustainable.

But is aimed politically to satisfy the hunters, and help bring about a new elk hunt and more trophies for members of organizations which control the DNR's so-called citizen advisory panel on wolf policy.


Tess said...

We all need to send numerous emails, letters and call the members of this sham group. Peter David is the only one looking out for the interests of the wolves.

Bill Vander Zouwen, DNR WM Chair
David MacFarland, DNR WM CO
Adrian Wydeven – DNR WM CO
Brad Koele – DNR WM CO
Steve Hoffman – DNR WM NOD
David Halfmann – DNR WM NED
Sara Kehrli – DNR WM SOD
Kris Johansen – DNR WM WCD
Dan Michels – DNR LE
Barry Gilcheck – DNR CSL
Jenny Pelej – DNR CE
Brian Dhuey – DNR SS
Lee Fahrney – Conservation Congress
Eric Koens – Wisconsin Cattlemans Association
Mike Gappa – Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
Joe Koback – Safari Club International
Randy Jurewicz – Timber Wolf Alliance
Mike Brust – Wisconsin Bowhunters Association
Peter Fasbender – USFWS
Jake Walcisak – Wisconsin County Forest Association
Dan Eklund – USFS
Jason Suckow – USDA WS
Maynard Breunig – Wisconsin Trappers Association
Ralph Fritsch – Wisconsin Wildlife Federation
Peter David – GLIFWC

Anonymous said...

Adrian Wydeven is the DNR Wolf expert. I would be surprised if he didn't look out for the wolves. It's sort of his life's work.

James Rowen said...

He is totally outnumbered.