Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WI GOP Planning For Chief Justice Prosser, Gablemen, Etc.

The Wisconsin State Constitution has declared for 124 years that the State Supreme Court Justice with the most seniority shall be the Chief Justice.

But that tradition must die in the take-no-prisoners right-wing world of Scott Walker, his obeisant legislative water-carriers and their corporate financiers who are aligning the machinery of state government to teach liberal Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson her ultimate post-Act 10 lesson and replace her as Chief Justice for the foreseeable future with any of the reliable rightist Justices now ruling in the majority.

The State Senate today at the direction of the reactionary Scott Fitzgerald will take a legislative step in the 'No-Abrahamson-Chief-Justiceship' process, and sometime in the next couple of years the change will find its way into a statewide election.

Probably manipulated onto a low-turnout ballot, where big business interests that embedded the right-wing majority on the high court will spend whatever it takes to pass the referendum and demote Chief Justice Abrahamson - - and begin the elevation of Justices Prosser, or Gableman, or Ziegler, or Roggensack to the position of Chief Justice.

And here the choke hold of corporate hegemony through Republican political coordination can be even more fully managed in a process where no GOP legislator or corporate CEO or special interest lobbyist or advocacy group tool will have the guts to say "We Got Shirley."

The Right in Wisconsin wants complete control of the big government they say they hate but love to direct, and bringing the State Supreme Court more fully into line is now underway.


Anonymous said...

This change was bound to happen given the partisan make-up of the politically polarized Court reflecting social issues dividing society today. Judges are biased period. Electing the supreme court places the balance in favor of how non black or white issues should be determined.

Anonymous said...

I see Fox has now come out with a story about how Walker's vehicle was attacked by protesters. Rocking his car, threatening him. I do not believe this was reported in any report in Wisconsin and would make it just another lie. Mr. Rowen, can you research this story?

James Rowen said...

Nothing on The Google. I think we'd have heard about it. Email PolitiFact.

Anonymous said...


Here is a copy of the address of the foxnews story

Bill Kurtz said...

Why don't we just end the pretense and have Supreme Court justices elected on a partisan ballot?