Thursday, November 7, 2013

WI Voter ID Editorial Of The Day

From Friday's Journal Sentinel:

Don't change voter ID law; get rid of it
Some Republicans in the state Legislature want to tweak the state's voter ID law to address objections that are now being debated in federal court. This law doesn't need to be tweaked. It needs to be rescinded.


Anonymous said...

They are just wasting ink. Of course they are going to restrict voting. That's what the WI legislature is getting paid by their corporate overlords to do. Public opinion? Who cares. And if the MJS thinks having an independent thought is going to change the minds of any politician, well, wait until Walker's lame duck session.

Anonymous said...

At least the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is taking a stand on this important issue. MJS (print and online) is the largest and most widely read newspaper in Wisconsin. I only wish MJS would delve more deeply into other topics impacting Wisconsin citizens, such as the rollback of environmental protections, the erosion of local government controls, the attack on public education, and the rampant corruption within the current state administration (to name just a few).