Friday, November 15, 2013

Awaiting Word From WEDC About Its News Site Advertising

I'd written about spending on ads by the financially-challenged WEDC; an agency spokesman told me Thursday I should have my Open Records questions answered Friday.

WEDC has been running ads in the Journal Sentinel's online NewsWatch column, like this which appeared Thursday night about 10:30 p.m:



Anonymous said...

I'd like word from the editors of the Journal Sentinel on how they thought it would be okay to accept this sponsorship.

Something like George Constanza asking
"Was that wrong? SHould I not have done that?"

Anonymous said...

But jason stein -- propagandist-extraordinaire -- proclaimed WEDC was IMPROVED this month because they used bookkeeping gimmicks to transer most the the $19 Mil in uncollectable monies do to other agencies and collections.

Of course, they didn't collect any of it -- but the disinformation machine you support is lying that there's no problem anymore.

Why don't you call out the right-wing noise machine instead of pretending you are somehow doing something important to stop it?

Boxer said...

Once again, Anonymous Ant, your misdirected anger is aimed at James. Why don't you focus your vitriol on Jason Stein and his evil overlords at the J/S