Friday, November 15, 2013

Blogs Dig Into Data, Post Must-Read Information

A couple of Wisconsin blogs have done some excellent truth-in-government reporting this week:

*  The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's Big Money Blog finds the Walker campaign has rewritten its finance reports to allow donors with excess contributions to get into compliance by attributing some of the donations to spouses.

* The blogger Jud Lounsbury takes a closer look at Scott Walker's claim that 10,000 new businesses have been created on his watch and finds Walker is counting the creation of little league teams, skiing, ping pong, bird-watching and yachting clubs, scout troops and condo associations.


Michael Rosen said...

Let's see if Politifact tackles this one.

Anonymous said...

ROSEN - send them the statement by Walker to them. Yet technically they are businesses - right.

Anonymous said...

Really... "technically they are businesses"..... wow

That would make street gangs a business....

So that is what Walker meant when he said.... Wisconsin was open for business.