Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In Iowa Poll, Christie Leads Clinton; On Right, Walker At 7%

I know it's early. So early that the Daily Callerwhen reporting the data thinks, "Hillary" is spelled "Hilary."

Poll: Christie leads potential 2016 GOP field in Iowa, tops Hilary in head-on-head match up
And is she referenced by first name only because there has been a Pres. Clinton?

For the record: 
Christie tops the Harper Polling/Conservative Intel survey with the support of 17 percent of likely caucus-goers. The Iowa caucus is traditionally the first primary electoral contest of the presidential election season.
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz comes in a close second behind Christie in the poll, with 16 percent support. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is next with 13 percent support, followed by former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum with 11 percent, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan with 9 percent, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker with 7 percent, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio with 6 percent and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal with 3 percent.


Gareth said...

Jindal at only 3%? He strikes me as far more competent than Walker and who cares if he performs DYI exorcisms in his spare time? A man is entitled to his hobby. Of course there is that dark skin problem.

While Christie is obviously the most sane on the bunch, Walker is clearly the biggest crook, which must be a relief for the New Jersey blimp. Perhaps they could work as a tag team -- Calling the ghost of Richard Nixon, please pick-up the courtesy phone.

All in all, a terrific field of weirdo candidates. It almost makes me want to drive to Iowa for the debates -- almost. Poor Hunter Thompson, he should have hung around to write "Fear and Loathing in Iowa", because the fun is just beginning. Gun ownership and alcohol consumption will get you every time

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are weirdos no doubt but I don't see a lot of posturing from potential Democratic candidates. Hillary is a maybe. People talk about Elizabeth Warren but are there others? Where are the Democratic Governors? What about an experienced Senator or Congressman? I just hope they aren't too complacent and I hope they get someone liberal.

Boxer said...

Ryan and Walker trailing Rick Santorum with the Dead Baby crowd. Interesting.