Thursday, November 14, 2013

Three Times The Health-Care Obstructionist, Walker Seeks Fresh Limelight

After refusing added Medicaid funds for Wisconsin, then knocking thousands of low-income citizens off Badger Care and refusing to set up a federally-paid state health care exchange, Scott Walker sees that President Obama is set to address the county today on health care so announces his own news conference to follow Obama's.

Walker's opportunism and self-promotion have no limits.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Walker's making a big mistake, because he shouldn't be drawing attention to the sabotage he and his fellow Baggers have tried on the ACA.

C'mon Dems, shine the spotlight on this guy's thuggery. People are tired of Walker's poses and games, and want SOLUTIONS.

Anonymous said...

Solutions were proposed by Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney; repeal Obamacare. Dems own it. They need to repeal it. Millions of Americans are now without or cannot afford Obamacare.

Walker will be the compassionate person in Wisconsin, though I question why because most on Badgercare probably voted for the man responsible for their gubmint benefit.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yes, our former system was just peachy, wasn't it?

Get real. You have no answers to the real problem of uninsured and barely-insured people living on the edge. Me. Unintimidated felt the heat from his idiotic stance, AND HE CAVED. And he'll look even dumber in March when the uncertainties and GOP scare tactics are in the Rearview mirror, but they're still screeching. "REPEAL!" and "Socialism." Please proceed with that solutionless mentality and enjoy another November loss.

Wait, unless you were doing a satire of how little Anonymous Bagger trolls have to offer on this issue. If so, that was very well-played

Anonymous said...

"You have no answers to the real problem of uninsured and barely-insured people living on the edge. Me."

Millions of Americans are now just like you, or much worse off.

Misery loves company.

At least Walker was able to save some from falling to despair for 3 more months. Why would you want the unfortunate in Wisconsin to suffer? Is your hatred that powerful that you have no compassion left?

You're a former Milwaukee County AFSCME worker, aren't you.