Friday, November 15, 2013

WEDC Ads At JSOnline Cost $39,338; More Ad Spending Authorized

Earlier this week I posted examples of ads at JSOnline paid for by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the troubled jobs and growth agency created and chaired by Gov. Walker.

I had asked the agency through Open Records to provide details about the arrangement, and this is the response received today, in a Q. and A. format - - my questions bold-faced, WEDC answers indented:

WEDC is running ads on the Journal Sentinel's online Newswatch column. When did that that contract go into effect, what is the contract length, and what is the dollar amount of that contract?

Our contract took effect on 10/1/13 and runs through 6/30/14 
The online ads include not only the NewsWatch ads, but also banner ads and other online opportunities on JSOnline. 
For FY14, we will spend $39,338 on JSOnline advertising - which will generate 6.2 million impressions. 

What was WEDC allocated in its first budget for paid media, and what it is available to WEDC for paid media in the current, 2013-15 budget?
WEDC budgeted $500,000 for paid media in FY 13. 
WEDC budgeted $2 million for paid media in FY14. 
We do not budget on a two-year cycle, so allocations have not been set for FY15. 
It’s important to note that paid media is not just newspapers, online and TV advertising in Wisconsin. About 70% of our paid media is outside of Wisconsin targeting businesses themselves as well as professional services providers who act as referral sources for WEDC.  
This includes business magazines, trade publications, newspapers, paid search and display, social media, billboards and guides/directories.


Laurette McGovern said...

Does their impression include what it has on me, a mere citizen? If I weren't so polite, I would tell them.

Gareth said...

What good is a slush fund if you can't use it to promote Chairman Walker and the "Wisconsin miracle" nationwide as he begins his Presidential bid?

Anonymous said...

Why not target start ups already in Wisconsin? Why is the strategy to poach from other states?

Anonymous said...

>>>Why not target start ups already in Wisconsin? Why is the strategy to poach from other states?<<<

If WEDC was about efficiency and results those would be good questions to ask.

Knowing what is known about WEDC and those funding and running it; WEDC might be more a front operation waiting for the final bustout than a git-r-dun jobs operation.