Saturday, November 30, 2013

When It Comes To Racism Against Native Americans, Walker Shrugs

Walker refuses to take a position, yet, on whether to legally put the State of Wisconsin on the side of retaining race-based Native American school names, mascots and logos. "Unintimidated?" No, Walker is cowed into inaction and silence on the issue by his Tea Party base and its legislative bigotry caucus.

Would Walker say he had nothing to do with the issue if it involved African-American, Asian, or religious group stereotyping? How is it that Native American Wisconsin citizens are worth so little of his attention?

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Anonymous said...

He'll milk this as long as he can to get donor dollars to make the decision for him. These dollars make all the other decisions in this state so why would this be any different. This clown simply can't be considered presidential material.....what have we come to in this country.