Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Job Picture Is So Bleak In Walker's Failing Wisconsin That...

The state actually had a net loss of 119 jobs in the key manufacturing sector over the most recent 12-month period measured, federal data reported in the Journal Sentinel show.

Twelve months! Less than zero growth! That's hardly "manufacturing lags" as the newspaper headline understates.

Will any national reporter who runs into Scott Walker out there on the book tour  campaign trail ask how this squares with Walker's  'we've turned it around' propaganda he's been cranking out for years:

And the employees we met on our tour like our plans to connect job seekers to the job skills they need to get Wisconsin Working. They also like our efforts to improve education for all of our kids in this state. 

They're proud of the work they do and the career that have chosen. And they appreciate our efforts to improve manufacturing in Wisconsin.

They know that we're turning things around. We're heading in the right direction. We're moving Wisconsin forward.


Anonymous said...

Why are you asking NATIONAL reporters to ask Walker to tell the truth.

How about we begin with JOURNAL COMMUNICATIONS!

You are being "kind" to say that Journal Communications, Walker's largest in-state propaganda arm, "understates" the situation.

But at least you said something -- kudos to you for taking a stand (though this commentor wishes you would have been more direct).

Also -- did you catch this one -- we now know that THERE ARE AT LEAST FIVE JOHN DOE PROBES INTO WALKER'S ASCENT TO POWER!

Not One -- At Least FIVE John Does & Likely Federal Probe Too

How can anyone in the media, in-state or out-of-state, proclaim Walker has the inside track to the White House in 2016 when he has more than a half-dozen criminal investigations going on and right now a half-dozen of his closest associates are in jail, convicted on 15 felonies and 3 misdemeanors.

Powerful propaganda props us this dishonest man and Koch brothers tool.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Midwest private sector job growth since Walker took office January 2011.

Mich +6.27%
Ind. +5.32%
Minn +5.22%
Ohio +4.07%
Iowa +4.04%
Ill. +3.96%
Wis. +3.78%

Any questions?

Rev. paleotectonics said...

Jake, on your list, are the numbers for WI reliable numbers or are they the cooked sausage lil' Scottie's handpicked commission pulled out of...
ummm, thin air?

I'm thinking that those numbers could be far worse when audited by someone not working for Bachmann II - Electric Boogaloo (2016!)

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Those are the numbers that the national folks have, and it's the same standard they use for all of the states. And it shows that Wisconsib is behind every other state in the Age of Fitzwalkerstan.

It isn't happening in a vacuum folks.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Paleo, I think those numbers show the pull of the rest of the economy, dragging Wisconsin along.

Even though the rest of the economy is showing the drag of the sequester and the termination of ARRA, it is still keeping Wis (barely) afloat.

Of course, when the SNAP cuts hit the farming community, it will have a further hit for all those states. The funny thing is that usually Republicans are all about largesse toward the 'family farm'; cutting that agricultural giveaway program explains why the right is now interested in making some kind of progress on a farming bill, to replace the loss in dollars toward a reliably Republican constituency.

Jonathan Swift said...

Walker has indeed turned Wisconsin around from having one of the most transparent and respected state governments to one the most corrupt, and the competition for the latter is very fierce.