Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Walker Is Losing The Amazon Book Review War

The current tally ain't pretty - - 3:1 negative - -  and the comments by unintimidated reviewers are frequently brutal.

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By Kimi Ishikawa on November 24, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Hmpf. Unintimidated? This is a governor who is afraid to show his face in Wisconsin's state house. He enters and departs through underground tunnels. In 2011 he posted private guards (who impersonated police officers) in the parking garages surrounding the Capitol at the other end of the tunnels. He only appears in the Capitol Rotunda to light the Christmas tree (then he dashes off, leaving his wife alone to finish the event), and to attend the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial (where he is shamed by keynote speakers).

Unintimidated? This is the governor who lined up the National Guard to protect him, and exempted the police from his heinous "Budget Repair Bill" before announcing it, because he was so afraid of the potential reaction. This is the governor who spread lies about the crowds inside and outside of the Capitol during The Uprising, characterizing them as unruly thugs -- he of course wouldn't know, because he was too afraid to face them and never saw the crowds first hand (except from behind 2nd story windows). Those of us in the midst of the throng, and those police officers on duty to monitor the situation, know that it was an incredible gathering of 100,000+ angry but peaceful citizens (yes, contrary to the lies, Wisconsinites made up the bulk of the crowd).

Unintimidated? This is the governor who had Administrative rules rewritten because of the "emergency" of peaceful citizens gathering during the non-business noon hour to sing. He has these singers arrested, and instructs the Department of Justice to prosecute these cases because he is afraid of the District Attorney (who threw out many of these frivolous cases previously). He is afraid of singers. Unintimidated?

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Published 3 hours ago by William H. Folk II 

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By verhonica on November 24, 2013
Format: Hardcover
I laughed through the entire book.. It was meant to be comedy, right? As far as any historical credibility goes, it has none. It's fantasy, fiction and foul. I borrowed a copy to read, so I didn't waste my money on buying it, and used the money to buy my grandson a copy of Three Little Pigs, instead.
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By Trajan Trajanis on November 23, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Gah. What a terrible person. There should be a zero stars option. Good god. The man is a narcissist. But seriously, don't buy this book. In a rational world it would never have been printed. This book is so awful it probably wouldn't even make good kindling.
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By facts need checking on November 24, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Title is misleading. This book is not worth reading. I kept waiting for his spaceship to come and take him home. It never happened, thus I was thoroughly let down by the climax and conclusion.
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By John Swafford on November 24, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Walker did not seem to be bother with that inconvenient thing called the truth. A lesson in revisionist history. Save your money
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Anony Too said...

Apparently people who "read" and "discern" are not key constituencies for The Unintimidator.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder how many of the commentators a.actually read the book and b.belong(ed) to a public union.

Gareth said...

Makes me wonder how many of the five star commentators are paid Republican trolls. Amazon reviews are pretty much a joke anyway. It doesn't really matter, as the Koch brothers will buy enough books to get Governor Psychopath on a best seller list. The rest will end up in bargain bins or get pulped and recycled to produce the next Ann Coulter screed.

Anonymous said...

In a quick sample, it looks like well over 1/2 the reviews are done by people who have never reviewed anything else.

Seems kind of odd, but that shows signs of an organizational attempt to discredit the book. Could be teachers or other union members, but probably pretty doubtful they have read it.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Being a member of a union does not invalidate one's personhood or opinions.

Much as the Right would like to make it so.

Anonymous said...

True Zombie. But a former or current public employee union might just be a wee bit anti-Walker and therefore be inclined to comment negatively. Sorry to have to state the obvious. BTW - I've been a private sector union member for over 30 years and most readers think I'm a Republician troll.

jimspice said...

My favorite: "Although this book had its moments, what could have been a touching story of one man's lonely struggle against chronic masturbation was ruined by a turgid writing style and pointless political digressions."

Even gave it 2 stars.

Boxer said...

There are plenty of people in Wisconsin who aren't public sector employees or union members who are also disgusted by Walker's policies and tactics. Why would they waste their time wading through what is obviously a load of self-congratulatory crap?
The inference by anonymouses on November 27, 2013 at 2:27 PM and 5:37 AM that reading the book will somehow change opinions of Walker is laughable. His divide-and-conquer strategy has already polarized Wisconsin ("It's working!") as well as much of the rest of the country.

The campaign pamphlet grandly called "Unintimidated" is Walker's choose-an-adjective approach to tarting himself up for a presidential run. This much is apparent from the title only: it's revisionist history + blatant titular rip-off and coat tail draft-off of "Unbroken", Laura Hillenbrand's book about Louis Zamperini, a real human being who heroically survived some truly terrible and life-threatening situations such as World War II combat, a plane crash, a Pacific ocean raft voyage, sharks, a Japanese POW camp, and alcoholism. For those who make the connection, Walker suffers greatly in this comparison: his life challenges are petty and self-inflicted.

One needn't read beyond the title to know that the "book" falls short as of word one, thereby making the case that you CAN judge a book by its cover.