Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gogebic Mining Co. Exec. In Water Pollution Dispute

Bill Williams, President of the mining firm planning to blow up a Northern Wisconsin watershed and dig the largest open pit iron mine in the US is among a group of mining officials facing possible criminal charges over water pollution at a copper mine in Southern Spain, the Journal Sentinel reports:

Gogebic Taconite President Bill Williams has been implicated in a legal proceeding in Spain, where Williams formerly worked, in which managers of a large copper mine are accused of violating environmental laws in their handling of groundwater from the mining site...

Earlier this month, the Seville Ministry of Justice rejected an appeal from the managers of Cobre Las Cruces, an open pit mine in southern Spain that environmentalists said had been violating environmental laws... 
With the rejection of their appeal, the managers of the mine face possible criminal charges over the way they removed groundwater that exposed local ground water supplies to elevated levels of arsenic, according to the Spanish ministry.
Williams told the paper he has not been contacted about the case by Spanish authorities.

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Boxer said...

Dear Spain: Come and get him. We'll hold him in a leg trap until you get here.