Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For The Record, Walker Claimed Triple Major At Marquette, Planned 12/90 Graduation

With his unfinished Marquette University degree again in the news (Time Magazine), you have to ask what happened to that triple major he told the school paper he'd finish in December, 1990?

Clipping from the student paper photocopied, here.

Another school paper story looked in detail at Walker's troubled 1988 run for student body president.

Also - - why did he quit the job with the local American Red Cross organization that he said he'd left Marquette to take?

Other questions raised in a news release by Scot Ross at One Wisconsin Now.

(Disclosure: I am on the OWN c-3- Institute board and had no role in the release above.)


Anonymous said...

How on earth can this man who lives in the public eye openly lie about his past when his past is documented in print for all to read. To lie that he had to leave school because of the arrival of his sons when in point of fact the birth of his first born did not occur until four years after he left Marquette. One must assume that he is a pathological liar who simply cannot be trusted to bring forth the truth. This man is not fit to be governor nor president ....he desperately needs help.

James Rowen said...

He has taken full advantage of the privacy of his school records, though I suspect if he gets serious about a national run, he will have to release his grades and any disciplinary record, and there will certainly be a discussion of the student body presidential run that led to ethics charges against his campaign, the loss of the student newspaper endorsement over the behavior of his supporters, and more.

Anonymous said...

"Working" at Red Cross - he was working indeed, but not for the Red Cross....