Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Milwaukee New Arts Online Media Staying Strong

Tip of the hat to UrbanMilwaukee.com on its purchase and continuation of ThirdCoastDaily:

Urban Milwaukee president Jeramey Jannene said the company was excited about the acquisition. “Third Coast is a perfect complement to what we do, and will add an  entertainment-oriented website to our daily news coverage. We’d like to salute John Shannon for his work to keep TCD going, as well that of its past editors like Tom Strini, Jon Anne Willow and Matthew Reddin. We aim to build on that legacy. Third Coast will continue as its own site, but under our direction.”
Here are samples from both publications' newsy sites:

From UrbanMilwaukee.com:

The New Right-Wing Media

From ThirdCoastDigest.com:

Midnight Reruns celebrate release of debut album at Cactus Club

And props to former Journal Sentinel colleague and arts resource Tom Strini, until recently a force at ThirdCoastDigest, for opening an independent arts and events blog, striniwrites.

He knows his stuff. A recent posting:

Nice Striniwrites numbers, another weekend packed with events, soccer updates

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Tom Strini said...

Thanks for passing it along, Jim. Appreciate it.