Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Walker Says That Book He 'Wrote' Not A Campaign Book

I'm glad he cleared that up. If it were, I'd have to buy it.

Thanks to the State Journal for running this clarification.


Anonymous said...

The GOP is divided--not all want the "Tea Party" brand. When you have W's former chief speech writer pen Walker's book (is he of the Walkers of the Bush family?--let's find out!), it seems the GOP leadership is actively promoting him.
Walker's fame amounts to Act 10, yet it was Cliff Christy that actually proclaimed the public sector worker warfare in spring 2010. Christy won't promise to fill out his term, either.
In looking at the future GOP, what would Reince Priebus have to say?

Anonymous said...

Reince was thinking next election after being forced to have the RNC take a seat to the joke of a campaign by Mitt's ineffective campaign managers.

Walker is a likely strong candidate for the nomination and the RNC will handle his campaign.

You can't deny that, as of right now, the DNC is in a very bad position with nothing to shore itself up. The party is fracturing deeply.

Ron R said...

No James, you would not have bought it. You would have condemned the book even if it promoted everything you believe in because the author was not from the political party you promote. You would have condemned it without reading it.