Sunday, November 24, 2013

More Tar Sand Crude Piping, Shipping Up For Superior, WI Hearing Tuesday

An oil spill into Lake Superior would be an unforgiving, unforgivable event, so speak out Tuesday against this Great Lakes disaster waiting to happen:

The DNR’s public meeting is set for Nov. 26 at the Superior Public Library from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. and will focus on the dock repair proposed for the site, not the merits of the oil terminal. The agenda includes a presentation by the DNR as well as from Elkhorn Industries, which owns the property and has applied for a permit to conduct work on 703 feet of old dock in the harbor.

The DNR meeting also has a time for public comments. Several environmental groups are expected to have representatives at the meeting after expressing concern that a Lake Superior oil spill could have devastating consequences...

The terminal, as proposed, could load about one tanker or barge every four days. Each tanker holds about 77,000 barrels (3.2 million gallons) of crude oil; each barge about 110,000 barrels (4.6 million gallons).
It wasn't that long ago that a big cleanup went on just downstream from the refinery there.

Lessons learned? The past being prologue?

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Written comments on Elkhorn’s proposed waterfront improvements can be submitted until Dec. 6 to