Monday, November 18, 2013

Michigan Wolf Hunt Begins: Kill Quota Is Less Than 20% Of Wisconsin's

Neighboring Michigan has an estimated wolf population of 658, or about 80% of Wisconsin's population somewhere around 839 - -  and sanctions a kill - - without traps - - of 43 animals.

The Wisconsin allowable kill this year is 251 - - nearly six times higher than in Michigan.

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Max B said...

That estimated Wisconsin wolf population of 859 has got to be a lot less once the kills of 2012 and 2013 are subtracted. No longer 859 which was likely an inflated estimate in the first place, inflated to justify the savagery. As I recollect, a number in the 600s was first bandied about in early 2012, then 700-something, then upwards of 800. Who can really say when you refuse your state wolf biologist the opportunity to testify or make comments and then ship him off to the DNR equivalent of Siberia?