Monday, November 18, 2013

Walker's Obese Ego

You can decide which of Walker's remarks over the weekend reveals more about the bloated self-importance he's carrying around or about how others might assess him.

Your choices:

* That he labels his service as Governor "my calling."

* That he won't commit to serving out a second term if re-elected in 2014 (the same opportunist position he took when running for re-election as Milwaukee County Executive), so the "calling" may have an expiration date.

* Or that he's willing to dismiss Cong. Paul Ryan - - friend, fellow Wisconsin Republican and the 2012 GOP vice-presidential nominee - - as a suitable 2016 presidential nominee because he isn't a Governor.

In other words, without the proper calling.


It's all here.


MadCityVoter said...

"my Koch calling" would be more accurate, and might remind him of that Very Important Lesson that he claims God set up for him.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, making claims that your own stupid screw-ups are really Very Important Lessons that God Himself has personally set up for you (or should that be "You"?) does not exactly bespeak a chronically malnourished ego... Perhaps that needs to be choice number four in your informal poll?

Anonymous said...

If his book is full of as much self serving statements as these maybe a John Doe inquiry will reveal that the smoking gun is his own ego. How ironic it would be if his ego leads to his political demise rather than an outside party. One has to wonder how many he will have thrown under the bus before he falls from grace.