Friday, August 9, 2013

We Jest Saying 'I Blame Scott Walker,' Then Reality Says It IS His fault

So you find out that an out-of-state group of security guards dressed in full camo and carrying assault weapons shows up at the GTAC mining site - - without required licensing, by the way - - and you laugh at the law-and-order absurdities by saying, "I blame Scott Walker."

A cynical, despairing, satirical throw-away line more along the lines of "How 'bout those Packers" or "Cold 'nuf for ya" ever since Walker dropped the Act 10 bomb that contaminated the state's political environment in early 2010.

And then you find out that Walker's office got advance notice that the armed guards were coming in and no one asked whether, as is demanded of the Capital Solidarity Singers, their papers were in order.

So go ahead: blame Scott Walker. The GATC double-standard law-and-order scofflawing and armament overkill is all on him.

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Anonymous said...

I bet he calls a meeting of his staff and asks them to look into this because he never wants to see something like this happen again! Not on his watch. Giggles all around.