Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ron Johnson Overreacts To Climate Change Criticism

Senator Sunspots discovers the League of Conservation Voters and goes overboard.

After saying he is not concerned.

I believe this is what is called "taking the bait."

And it's great to see the phrase "any stretch of the imagination" in a RoJo sound bite.


Anonymous said...

rojo got a "mostly true" from Politifact for saying that most college students take 6 years to get their degrees. what he meant to say was that most republican governors take 26 years to get theirs.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Proves yet again that a GOP's favorite holiday is Good Friday, as they're all about telling you how crucified they are. What a weak, whiny dope.

Anon- What wasn't mentioned in that "mostly true" is that policies RoJo supports are the biggest reason why students have to take 6 years (rising tuition and crappy wages if you don't have a degree). But JournalComm's Politi-cr*p will never actually try to give insight or context when it might make a GOP look bad.