Thursday, August 15, 2013

Corporate Welfare, School Funding Gets NFL Cowboys New Facility

Though Texas ranks 49th in per-pupil spending, and its governor couldn't count to three in a 2012 presidential primary debate, a local school district and city council in the Great Tea Party State of Texas have wooed billionaire Jerry Jones and 'America's Team' to the Dallas suburb of Frisco for a subsidized suburban headquarters and practice facility: 

The Frisco City Council on Monday approved a $115 million agreement to build a complex that will include an indoor stadium and new headquarters for the Cowboys in the city 30 miles north of Dallas. 
The city's school district is contributing $30 million, and its high schools will play games in the stadium. The Cowboys aren't contributing any money up front but will have to pay any extra costs. The team also has agreed to develop the remaining land on the 91-acre tract.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Let's also not forget that the NFL is already enjoying a huge tax break via its non-profit status. But who needs to take money from kids' futures more than a "charity?" Every time I see the players' and execs' salaries, I could almost sob for them. Oh, wait, I was thinking of something else..