Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Kleefischs Are On The Hunt

Freedom is in the air.

Hunting season right around the corner

By Joel Kleefisch

....This Sunday marks the official start of hunting season with the early Canada Goose harvest. Once that's underway, it takes a Philadelphia lawyer to keep up with the barrage of opportunities for Wisconsinites to enjoy our state's fantastic outdoor heritage and even put food on the table....

My wife Becky is taking the online hunters' safety course and has her field test soon. Let me tell you the course on the web is fantastic. I have been watching it with her and it is thorough and a great refresher for the seasoned hunter.

Finally, don't forget to take advantages of reduced license fees. These are available to first-time hunters or those who recruit three first time hunters, trappers, or anglers.

So, if you're as serious as camouflage face paint and sleeping in a hermetically sealed scent free capsule before the hunt, or just want an excuse to get out and smell the freedom of gunpowder in the morning be sure to be safe and have a great hunting season.

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