Thursday, August 15, 2013

File Under Walker, WEDC, Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

If irony is your areas of expertise, look again - - and probably not for the first time - - at Scott Walker's heavily-audited, much-criticized job 'creating' mess  - - (separate story, fresh data show job growth in WI stalling) - - known as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

We read in the Green Bay Press Gazette via AP that things are going swimmingly at WEDC and that after a round of top-level staff resignations the agency has also replaced its independent accounting firm with yet another independent accounting firm over a potential conflict of interest with accounting firm's #'s relationship with the agency:

Wisconsin’s job creation agency has hired a new outside accounting firm, after an independent audit found a potential conflict of interest with the previous one, leaders of the agency said at a briefing Wednesday where they described dozens of steps taken to improve operations....
“We’re on track,” said its chief operating officer, Reed Hall.

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