Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Climate Change Deniers Have More Science To Deny

Like a three-foot rise in sea levels.

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Anonymous said...

Stepp eliminates WDNR division of Enforcement and Science...

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Department Leadership Team, I am excited to announce an important organizational effectiveness measure that will take effect immediately:

The Division of Enforcement and Science will be eliminated as a Division and its component parts – Law Enforcement and Science Services – will report to the Secretary’s Office.

As you know, Tim Lawhern recently retired from the position of Administrator of the Division of Enforcement and Science. As any healthy organization would do, the Department Leadership Team (DLT) took this opportunity to examine the effectiveness of the long-standing structure of the Division to ensure it was providing the best internal and external service delivery and alignment to agency priorities.

The DLT concluded that streamlining the reporting structure for both Law Enforcement and Science Services would benefit both service delivery and alignment of priorities.

Law Enforcement – Our men and women in gray are perhaps the most recognized face of the Department. In addition to their conservation and environmental enforcement activities, they play a vital role in ensuring the safety of our recreational public, and respond to all manner of emergency situations.

As a result of these important roles, a close working relationship and communication flow with agency leadership is critical. To accomplish this, effective immediately, the Chief Warden will report directly to the Deputy Secretary.

Aligning Law Enforcement as a direct report to the Secretary’s Office will have the following benefits:

• Enhances organizational communication;
• Connects Law Enforcement directly to the DLT;
• Improves timeliness of enforcement actions;
• Enhances customer service at the community level;
• Better utilizes fiscal resources;
• Improves operational efficiency;
• Eliminates duplicative relationships; and
• Is consistent with other Law Enforcement organizations.

Science Services – The Department’s highest priority business decisions must be informed by sound and up-to-date science. While we are proud of the efforts that the science branch of the organization has produced to date, the Leadership Team believes our Science Services program must be better positioned in the agency to ensure alignment of effort and funding to priorities.

To accomplish this, effective immediately, the Bureau of Science Services will become a part of the Office of Business Support and Sustainability and report directly to the Office’s Director.

Aligning Science Services as a direct report to the Secretary’s Office will have the following benefits:

• Locates Science Services in the Office within DNR that hosts other cross-division programs;
• Ensures research reflects the Department’s priorities;
• Allows for prioritizing funding to meet key research needs;
• Provides a broader perspective on agency research needs (e.g., fish, wildlife, environmental quality) and an opportunity for broader public input; and
• Maintains synergies that occur due to Science Services staff being housed together.

Matt, Gundy, Al, and I look forward to enhancing the vital roles that both Law Enforcement and Science Services have for the agency.

Cathy Stepp
WI Dept of Natural Resources
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 267-7556