Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fake Jobs Boost Pay For Top Walker Cops

The Journal Sentinel finds the top cops busy arresting peaceful Capitol protesters qualified for big pay raises through 'service' in phantom jobs:

There are no limits to what Walker will pull:
Madison — Gov. Scott Walker's administration rewarded the new hardline Capitol Police chief and his top deputy with double-digit pay raises earlier this year after moving the pair on paper to phantom jobs for two weeks and then back to their real posts. 
Chief Dave Erwin — who has overseen a crackdown on Walker protesters at the statehouse — received an overall salary hike of 11.7%, to $111,067 a year, the same rate as his predecessor. That amounts to an $11,680 annual raise.


Anonymous said...

I will report this to the Leg. Audit Bureau's Waste, Fraud & Mismanagement Hotline.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother - someone already reported this. The previous chief was fired long ago for not doing his job.

It's amazing to me that the new chief isn't commanding a higher salary than the previous chief for a superior job performance.

Walker's being a cheapskate.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"It's a big club, and you're not in it." -George Carlin

All this administration does it take money away from people it doesn't like (grunt public employees, transit, teachers) and gives it to people that are in the little WisGOP club (appointees, highways, voucher schools).

Who said righties are against using government to pick winners and losers?

Anonymous said...

The previous chief wasn't fired. He took a better job with Dane County. As for superior performance by Erwin, no. The Capitol police force has become a revolving door. New officers stay until they can transfer out because Erwin is so unpleasant. And he makes them wear those horrible hats that give some of the officers lesions on their heads. Dave Erwin has cost the taxpayers a ridiculous amount of money in overtime and court costs by issuing citations that can't be upheld in court. His police work is sloppy at best. Dangerous in that he is driving his officers to do things they know are wrong by threatening to fire them. He is a poor specimen.

Anonymous said...

Dane County hired him for more money?


That's justification for paying more money to someone who's exhibited the ability.