Friday, August 23, 2013

Conservation Voters vs. Ron Johnson, Round Two

The mainstream League of Conservation Voters that is raising the alarm about rising seas, extreme weather and polluted air is back on TV with a new ad targeting Wisconsin's climate change-denying Tea Party Senator Ron ("Sunspots") Johnson.

Side note: When you write a blog, it's interesting to find out where it lands:

The ad points out that Johnson raked in $109,550 from the oil and gas industry, and in bold letters flashes the words “disrespectful,” “demagogic” and “beyond ignorant,” taken from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Purple Wisconsin blogger James Rowen.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

it's interesting to find out that someone actually reads it

You wound me, sir.

James Rowen said...


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

heh. Thanks.