Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scott Walker & DNR Secretary Stepp Insult Your Intelligence

Wisconsin's governmental leaders think we're stupid.

As they work, an internal state email shows, to hamstring science and independent enforcement at the state's natural resources regulatory resources, where controversial mining, wetlands and shoreline rules and projects are in various stages of review.

Only in a state where the Department of Natural Resources has been intentionally corporatized by the Governor, where environmental protection and enforcement has been intentionally relaxed, where wind power was obstructed and state energy conservation programs are suspended again, thus boosting this
Coal Fired Power Plant Smoke Stack Emissions  15414 320x480 jpg
and while taxpayer borrowing for new highways has been expanded and transit repeatedly cut, blocked or eliminated and GOP legislators want to raise the maximum speed limit (and gas burn) to 70 mph could the DNR stab this official tip for relieving highway congestion directly in the watering eyes of its citizens:

Clean Air Tip of the Week

For the week of August 18, 2013:
"Tired of being stuck in traffic? Altering work days to begin earlier or later to miss the morning commute traffic is a great way to reduce car emissions. Vehicles idling in traffic earn zero miles per gallon. Teleworking can eliminate commutes entirely."

"Teleworking?" Really?

OK: Put that word into the DNR website search box to come up with the agency policy and you get all of two hits, one of which takes you to the clean air tip, above, and the other which ends with the words "this position is not suitable for teleworking."

... Vehicles idling in traffic earn zero miles per gallon. Teleworking can
eliminate commutes entirely. Seasonal tips. Choose ...
dnr.wi.gov/topic/airquality/italladdsup.html - 29k
... below 32 degrees Equipment Used: Office equipment Telework
Evaluation: This position is not suitable for teleworking.
dnr.wi.gov/employment/documents/competencies.pdf - 88k - 2012-01-18
Do you mean "telecommuting?"

One hit at the DNR site:
[PDF] SEH FY 12 Annual Green Tier Report Appleton and La Crosse ...
... Close to lunch places- we walk vs driving • Unplugged a seldom used fridge
(LaX) • No vending machines • Allow telecommuting • Task lighting ...
dnr.wi.gov/topic/greentier/participants/reports/seh2012.pdf - 12k - 2013-02-18
Who's kidding whom here!


Many employers hate it. Yahoo, an internet-provider itself, recently banned it.

And the Walkerites?
Nothing under "teleworking" on the rule-and-policy-making Department of Administration website - - and one hit under "telecommuting," a policy developed in 2000 and posted in 2002:
Adobe Acrobat Reader Document Telecommuting Guidelines
(Posted 9/11/2002
Here's my tip:
Parents of young children, older people with heart and lung conditions, environmental organizations, public health advocates, angers and hunters who know that dirty air means polluted water and land, too - -  and anyone who expects to enjoy true blue skies and poison-free air on a daily basis here, who knows we don't have a comprehensive approach to get and main that, and who can spot a phony, glib, superficial 'up-yours' when they see it - - should flip that insincere tip, that paltry piece of pretend PR right back on Walker and Stepp.

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