Friday, August 30, 2013

Harley Riders, Local Businesses Should Hug A Socialist Today

I hope the visiting thousands of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts enjoying Milwaukee's wide-open Lakefront, the tree-lined boulevards connecting to it and all the area's spectacular parks this weekend know they have socialist politicians and philosophy to thank for the access.
Milwaukee's socialist leaders, in power here during the early-to-mid-20th century, wanted the best property and views to remain in the public domain.

Other cities' lakefront property is walled off from everyday folks by gates, fences and condos.
Not here.
Another reason is that Article IX of the Wisconsin State Constitution guarantees that people have a right to freely access all Wisconsin lakes, rivers and streams as commonly-owned resources.

This statewide water trust in the public interest means we don't have private beaches here, which is why you can sit, sun or swim at Bradford Beach, stroll through Veteran's Park or walk behind the Art Museum and the Summerfest Grounds.
No charge.
Some in this state make political hay by bashing government, but without public leaders who have used their power to guarantee the people's control of resources in Wisconsin, and in its largest city, 100,000 Harley riders and friends would not be able to spread across one of the most beautiful spots in the country to hold their celebration.
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