Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walker Adds Even More Political/Partisan Control Over Environmental Issues

Walker already installed a "chamber-of-commerce mentality" in the Cathy Stepp-run DNR - - where special interests just this week got an even more direct advantage - - but today Walker is going further transferring public assets to private interest and crony control with news that a leading GOP legislative loyalist is about to run a state water program:

The No. 2 leader in the Assembly [Scott Suder] said after 14 years representing the 69th District, he was stepping down on Sept. 3 to take the position as the division administrator for water compliance and consumer affairs at a still undisclosed salary.
I'm thinking at the PSC, as the DNR is already buttoned-down.

And don't you love the lack of full disclosure about the actual position from a Governor who has claimed transparency while continually avoiding it?


Boxer said...

Are you sure it's not DNR water division chief?

James Rowen said...

This was a guess.