Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who Would Say It's Too Early, A Disservice To Run Now For President 2016?

Couldn't be said by a politician repeatedly gone from his home state, raising money and show-casing himself, as that statement would be misleading.

Oh, wait: it's that guy, the one criss-crossing, pontificating on camera and speechifying the country, the one who keeps claiming resume-boosting credit for jobs he did not create while earning a cumulative PolitiFact True/False ratings of 45:56.

Now I get it.

(Note: Yes, I see that the PolitiFact score totals 101%. With facts, and Walker, there is always an added element of doubt. Karma.)

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Until the amount of lying that walker does is reported by Drudge, the Village stenographers will be unwilling to report it.

Drudge, it seems, DOES rule their world as Atrios has said.