Saturday, August 24, 2013

The GOP/Tea Party's Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

The Great Breakdown On The Right began when the African-American US Senator Barack Obama - - middle name Hussein - - won the Iowa caucuses just after New Year's, 2008, and frightened white voters who overran gun-and-ammo stores and signed up for gated compounds in Idaho.

Worse - - Obama was elected that November and immediately won a Nobel Peace Prize for embodying an alternative to George Bush shock-and-awe.

It happened again when the Affordable Care Act was adopted by the Congress and people like Ron Johnson said they wanted their country back because 'ObamaCare' was the worst thing that had ever happened to America.

There was more pain on the right when the foreign-born, socialist Muslim president killed Osama Bin Laden whom Bush couldn't find, then famously ignored.

Then another major relapse by Rightists when Obama rope-a-doped Fox News and Donald Trump with the release of the presidential birth certificate, and another when Mitt Romney told Latinos to self-deport and the unwashed 47% of all hues stood in long lines at polling places made artificially long by Republican election tampering to return Obama for a second term.

Down the rabbit hole they went - mocking the First Lady's physique - - even long-term Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner joined in - - enjoying websites (content warning)  and talk shows where the Obamas are portrayed as monkeys and, most-recently defending a Missouri rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask and a broom handle up his butt.

There was more flailing - - 40 failed votes in the US House of Representatives against ObamaCare, and back-firing moves to shut down the government and damage its credit rating - - all to discredit the entrenched, second-term-secure Barack Hussein Obama.

Then the US Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare - - cutting away what Ron Johnson said was our last shred of personal liberty.

It's panic time, thus the Right is dusting off its ultimate equalizer - - impeachment.

Obama's impeachable high crime or misdemeanor - - BPWB - - Being President While Black.

And like all the Right's moves against Obama - - impeachment - - even the talk - - is a self-inflicted suicidal move by a deservedly dying, whites-only party of anger.

To which 47% in the next national election will be its receding high-water mark.

For its unabashed racism in the 21st century, and the intentionally divisive chaos it inflicts daily, "R.I.P." is too nice an epitaph for the now-not-so Grand Old Party.

[Editor's note: Headline inspiration from and hat tip to a Mr. Jagger and Mr. Richards.


Gareth said...

Even worse for the GOP, Senior Citizens, who gave them their largest margin of support in recent elections among all demographic cohorts, is now shifting dramatically to the Democrats as a result of the attacks on Social Security and Medicare.

Check out the poll results, they are stunning. Thank you Paul Ryan

Paddy Moran said...

Here is where Walker slips under the national radar. Slippery and could be viewed as moderate. Yet beneath that slick exterior we all know lies someone who hates 44 care, who hates voter rights, who hates government.....who would cut SS and pensions without a blink of the eye. He must be defeated.

Anonymous said...

Another observation:

"Obama's impeachable high crime or misdemeanor - - BPWB - - Being President While Black."

Shock me. Have the dignity to admit that the man's mother is white.

Why is the color of a man's skin the most defining issue of a man or woman with leftists? Is this the very last shred of hope the ledt has to maintaining control of government?

Dr. King, they'll never listen because if they embrace your dream speech, all will be lost.

Keep milking it until it quits producing. Wait, it did - years ago.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason Republicans won't embrace the concept of killing the Affordable Health Care Act in the next budget. This isn't the "Hope and Change" dream of the Obama youth whom waved cell phones in the air because an eloquent man of European and African decent convinced them, at that time, that government was the solution, not the problem. What they now have lived to witness is the responsibility of credit; both that of government and of student debt.
I couldn't disagree more about the policies and direction of the country.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Stop being a whiny wimp. I grew up in suburban Milwaukee and I know all of the code words and victimization complexes that go with the GOPs that live there. Stop making excuses for the inexcusable.

Racism IS a huge part of today's GOP. OWN IT. Dont deny it, and dont you dare tru to play the victim yourself. Be a man and accept that THIS IS WHO AND YOUR ALLIES ARE. And if it hurts your pwecious fee-wings that we call you out for it, change it. But stop the weak-sauce whining

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jake, how are they going to own their hatefulness when they can't even get beyond the Anonymous facade?

Forget it Jake. It's Walkertown.

It's cute to see them still trying to use that "YOU'RE the real racists!" argument. Protip, fellas: "I'm rubber, you're glue" hasn't worked since you were 6. Pee-Wee's Playhouse is really not a decent source for debate tactics.

And, as should be obvious, it's not racism to point out racism. This idea that any acknowledgement of race encompasses racism shows a child's understanding. In fact, children are pretty often more sophisticated than that. Actual racism in this country has pretty much hidden itself in code words and ulterior motives (except for some of the less reserved of the Tea Party), as Jake says.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well, ZRM, we already know that GOP racists are weak-minded fools, so it's no surprise that they don't have the guts to formally stand up for what they believe in, and instead choose to hide behind anonymous trolling.

It's why I can't stand these people. Their weakness and their whining is demeaning to me as a white male.

Anonymous said...

Jake, you embody the rabid left. Your vial hatred for anything other than your beliefs, as wrong as they may be, divide men based on skin color and not the belief of content of character regardless of anything else. Sick and hate filled. Read your own writings about the GOP. I don't belong to any political organization so your hate speech is exposed. You own it and it doesn't pass the smell test of "coexist".

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Your vial hatred for anything other than your beliefs, as wrong as they may be, divide men based on skin color and not the belief of content of character regardless of anything else. Sick and hate filled.

I happen to agree. Republicans' characters are sick and hate filled, and I have no problem with Jake judging you based on that.

But I am VERY SICK of Jake keeping his hate in vials. Get with the time, Jake, and keep your hate in Trapper Keepers!

Also, how dare you divide people based on skin color! That's the Rightwing's tactic, and they've got copyright. Expect a Cease & Desist from Michael, Best & Friedrich any day now. Hopefully they won't use Anonymous as a writer, so the unreadable word salad document won't be completely incoherent.

Also, Anonymous, step up and pick a nym. OWN your hatefulness. I mean, it's like you aren't proud of your spew.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I meant to include you too.

My fault. Forgive me please?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Youre right, gutless anonymous poster, I dont have any respect for people who are disrespectful and racist. And I really don't have any respect for whiners who hate being held accountable for the hate and racism.

Deal with it or revel in it. But stop whining and playing the victim about deciding not to raise your game. It's beyond lame

Anonymous said...

Put down the mirror, Jake.

Isn't "Jake formally of the LP" an anonymous?