Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DNR Will More Than Double 2012 Wisconsin Wolf Kill

Let the blood flow and the trophies grow, despite overwhelming opposition:

The DNR allowed the killing of 117 wolves by non-Ojibwe Wisconsin hunters and trappers in 2012. The Ojibwe declined to use any of their allotted permits.

This year the number set by the DNR board and advisers rises to 251. Still to be resolved: whether dogs will be allowed in the hunt.

Gray Wolf
Wisconsin DNR photo


Anonymous said...

I'm hope out that that thousands of wolf supporters that entered the lottery win so they can buy the license and not use it.

Anonymous said...

These people aren't happy unless they can kill something.....take someone's rights and freedoms away.... or kick somebody or something when it is down.

Anonymous said...

Call the guys in charge of these permits and give them Hell! Dave MacFarland, DNR carnivore specialist, 715-365-8917; Bill Vander Zouwen, DNR wildlife ecology section chief, 608-266-8840