Friday, August 16, 2013

GOP Opts For 'Don't Ask, Don't Look' Debate Policy

The Republican National Committee votes to withdraw from presidential primary debates sponsored by CNN and NBC - - and, by extension, some Spanish-language channels - - as it continues its ideologically self-destructive marginalization.

The RNC is punishing the networks for running entertainment programming about Hillary Clinton.

Details, here.


Paul Berge said...

Debate question 1: On a scale of 11 to 20, how much do you hate Obamacare?
Question 2: Who is the worse socialist, Obama or Hillary?
Question 3: Please share the part of your stump speech that gets the loudest applause.
Question 4: Do you love the Lord?

CJ said...

I think this is less about Hillary and more about GOP candidate debates.

By the time last years debates were over, every single one of those candidates not only looked bad, but were pi$$ing all over each other's shoes.

The GOP doesn't want us to watch the candidates taking each other down, so they are going to limit our exposure much like they did with Sara Palin and Ron Johnson stateside.

It's not really about Hillary. That's just a "shiny" distraction from what's really happening.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Paul, you forget the one about letting the sick person die.

Or the one bout which ones do not believe in evolution (alternate: global warming).

Oh wait, those questions were actually asked last time around.

I think CJ is on the right track. the RNC knows that the only hope is to not let anybody ever actually learn anything about their candidates.

Anonymous said...

Question 5: At what point does it matter?

Question 6: Fidelity - At what point does it matter?

Question 7: The Lincoln bedroom - how much?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Of course, the answers will only need to be better than "1...2...3, umm I forget what three was. Ooops."

And since the debates will not be broadcast, priceless moments like that, or the audience booing a gay soldier, or cheering a sick person dying, won't be broadcast so the hateful nature of the Republican base won't be so visible.

Don't fool yourself, Anonymous (pick a nym and own your hatefulness!) while your supposedly 'clever' Hillary-hate-questions (and really-- you're still flogging the Lincoln bedroom thing? That's teh best you can do?) have perfectly understandable answers, the reality is that the Right has taken their best swing at all of them, multiple times, and whiffed in a big way.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

By the way, my vote for a question is "How much money did David Koch promise to give to your bid if you're on the ticket?" Hey, it's how Ryan got chosen for VP

If GOPs don't want NBC and CNN to cover their debates, NBC and CNN should order their stations not to cover their candidates, and concentrate on the Dem race.

Wanna play with fire, scarecrow? That can be done.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jake, since Ryan is one of the supposed goats in the Goat Rodeo, you could ask the question in two parts; one for the VP slot, and one for the Pres slot. See what kind of differential the Kochs see in the roles.

Boxer said...

To Anony @ 11:52 am, Aug 16:

Quest 6: Whose fidelity do you reference?

You forgot to ask Question #8: What about Ben Gazzi? (yea, I know how it's spelled. Just trying to amuse myself in the middle of your boring questions.)

Anonymous said...


Item 5 - covered.

There was another list but it wasn't published by James.

Hillary has a lot of baggage.

Weiner has as good a chance at POTUS as Hillary.

Anonymous said...

@Paul Berge

Question 4 seems to indicate hatered toward Christians. Don't you have a coexist bumper sticker?