Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walker Chooses Intimidation

Make no mistake about it: Scott Walker has unleashed excessive force and mass arrests by state police officers under the control of his agencies and top appointees against peaceful citizens on public property in the State Capitol exercising their constitutionally-protected rights of free speech and assembly.

Among those arrested: Observers, singers, a teenager, elderly people, a firefighter, a minister, a magazine editor at work and others of every age, gender and race. A cross-section of Wisconsin.

Make no mistake about it: Walker is an authoritarian using his position to intimidate, not to lead.

And not to sift, winnow, negotiate, discuss with or even meet opponents half way - - like those citizens who are against the northern Wisconsin iron mine and for environmentalism, or who are in unions, or who are organizing for broader health care, better public education and against Voter ID - -   while ingratiating himself with far-right voters who might buy his failing job-creation record and whom Walker wants to buy his upcoming book, laughably titled Unintimidated.

No doubt that book will be illustrated with images of transvaginal ultrasound probes.

Or GTAC G-4 assault rifles and Capitol police handcuffing elderly singers or sitting on arrested observers.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

oops, I see you already had the elderly.

Also, it's clearly a suckup ploy to the rightwing, who love to see people get beat up and abused. Look at how popular Nixon was with them when he had cops take batons to college students, or Wallace when he sent dogs after African Americans.

He will need the crazies and the Teabaggers if he is to make any kind of credible play in 2016, and this gives him some 'tough guy' cred to play against Christie.

Gareth said...

I think the police violence in the Capitol is an example of news management. It was ordered so as to distract the media from the corrupt $500K grant given to a Republican front group that was formed during the recall election.

I think we can expect this sort of provocation to routinely follow the exposure of anything embarrassing to the Walker regime. Newspapers and TV stations love police/protester confrontations because they can be represented through a series of trusted and time-worn cliches. Reporters can practically write the stories in their sleep and apparently some of them do.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Gareth- you may have a point. The arrests started right after the pics of Bulletproof's armed thugs in the Northwoods showed up.

The problem with this short-term distraction idea is that the next election isn't this November, but in Nov 2913. Sooner than later, there's a critical mass point where Walker will slip up, and a critical mass says "Dang, those guys are right." If it hasn't happened already.

The comparisons between Walker and another failed Dubya are staggering. And the Singers are very reminiscent of Cindy Sheehan's vigil circa 2005.

Anonymous said...

This ought to bring more tax relief than Act 10!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Beating up veterans brings tax relief? Who knew?

Anonymous said...

If the veteran was active duty and breaking local civil law, he'd be in jail anyway and facing his CO when he was out.

I suppose you wouldn't know what military justice is now would you.

The guy's an embarrassment to those who serve with honor.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

He was a retired veteran, exercising his freedom to peacably assemble and speak freely, in a building that Wisconsin's Constitution guarantees citizens' access without restriction.

You know, all those things that folks like you continually insist veterans like him are fighting for.

If you had seen the video, you would have seen the police knock this man down, assault him, and then walk on the lag he was carrying.

you're a hypocrite and blindly following the authoritarian screechings of right wing media in the service of people who have been called Malefactors of Great Wealth.

Step out from behind the Anonymous coward-shield, OWN your hatefulness and ignorance.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Veering toward police state:


I don't see any resisting arrest there, I see a beatdown, and a cop savagely choking out one of the guys who is not resisting at all.

How long before Walker declares Martial Law? For SINGERS? While he stays away from the state entirely, in his delusion that he is a contender in 2016.

He's a coward.