Friday, August 16, 2013

WI Lakeshore Property Owners See Threat In Eased Building Rules

Simple Econ or Political Demographics 101 suggest there is a significant number of Republicans and Scott Walker supporters who own lakeshore property in Wisconsin and understand that wiping out rules that took years to negotiate will lead to water pollution and falling property values.

Glad to see this non-profit speaking up:

A Setback for Shoreland Protection?
Proposed revision to state shoreland zoning rules seeks to ease standards for nonconforming structures and impervious surfaces.

Over a year ago, DNR announced it was seeking to revise NR115, the state administrative code that sets minimum standards for county shoreland zoning ordinances across Wisconsin. After working through the initial stages of the process, the rule changes were unveiled at the end of June, and public hearings are set to begin next week at locations throughout Wisconsin and to continue through August.

The rule changes, which Wisconsin Lakes oppose, ease rules relating to the percentage of impervious surfaces in a lot within 300 feet of a lake or river (including in a new and somewhat ambiguous category of “highly developed shorelines”), exempt some lots that currently must meet the impervious standard, and allow for a one-time side-to-side expansion of nonconforming structures outside the 35 foot setback from the waters edge.
The existing rules came about as the result of a long series of difficult but fruitful negotiations between conservation organizations (including Wisconsin Lakes), business interests, developers, and the state. Finalized in 2009 and effective since 2010, the actual deadline for counties to have ordinances in place has continually been pushed back (currently it’s 2014).
These rule revisions go against many of the compromises agreed to as part of those negotiations. Except for in a few counties, the rules haven’t even been tested. Why should Wisconsin roll back shoreland zoning protection when the current rules haven’t been given a chance?

For more information on the rules including links to the proposed language, check our NR115 Revision webpage. And check back frequently as we continue to add information and analysis.

Additional information, here.


Anonymous said...

Citizens of Wisconsin must start to connect the dots from the impact of "eased building rules" back to the source: Scott Walker, his appointees and Wisconsin's Republican legislators. For example, I applaud the citizens of Brookfield (who typically vote overwhelmingly "Republican" by the way) for resisting a proposed Zoo Interchange debris dump site in their city: “B.R.A.D." - Brookfield Residents Against the Dump. However, their ire seems directed at the company that may operate the dump, not Scott Walker and the Republican legislators who enacted State Statute 85.193 Borrow and Material Disposal Sites for Transportation Projects, which overrides local government control and makes such dumps possible. Statute 85.193 was one of the non-budget items quietly slipped into Walker's first budget back in 2011.

Anonymous said...

And local shoreland zoning in Wisconsin Towns scrapped by republican judge...