Friday, August 9, 2013

Mountain Of Debris At County Grounds Isn't Ours, WisDOT Confirms

Remember that big debris pile that has emerged out on the County Grounds, despite all the agreements in place to maintain some butterfly habitat and pleasant, 'improvement-free' green space? I'd speculated that it belongs to the UWM Innovation Center project, and WisDOT said that's what it thinks, too. Says Lindsay Schmidt, in WisDOt Communications: "This work is most likely part of the City of Wauwatosa’s Discovery Parkway project." 


Betsey said...

Oh, I get it! The City tore up the parkway and dumped the pile of asphalt and concrete in a big jumble. The "Discovery" part comes in as you, dear old passer by, will fit the pieces together again, thereby "discovering" the mystery of Ye Olde Parkway.

James Rowen said...

When the Zoo Interchange debris is dumped , this will look like my grandkids' sandbox