Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Climate Change In Wisconsin's Official State Of Denial

Perhaps it's being advised by US Sen. Ron ("Sunspots") Johnson:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' web page about climate change has not been updated since June 18, 2012.

A fact I'd noted more than a year ago. And even worse, some of the material that had been on the site has been deleted, perhaps because it referenced former Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat whose name cannot be uttered by the current regime.

Worst of all, the DNR's web page about climate change and the Great Lakes - - those world-class bodies of water with falling levels due to warming and related evaporation - - hasn't been updated since February 27, 2012.

But there are a few resources provided on the page, though note most are not DNR-created ("exit DNR."):

Wisconsin DNR Climate Change information

Wisconsin DNR´s new Climate Change Activity Guide for grades 7–12 teachers
Global Climate Change
Climate Change Wildlife and Wildlands Toolkit [exit DNR]
Climate change is mainly the result of rising CO2 levels in Earth´s atmosphere.
Check out the most current CO2 level and what it means: CO2 Now [exit DNR]
General climate change information and actions we can all take to help (includes a special section for teachers and students): EPA Climate Change [exit DNR]
Climate Change and the Great Lakes:
International Assn. for Great Lakes Research Climate Change [exit DNR]
Union of Concerned Scientists [exit DNR]
Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region [exit DNR] (Sea Grant materials)
National Wildlife Federation – Great Lakes Report [PDF 1.14MB] 
Ah, you say: A site put up by the Union of Concerned Scientists, and which offers a state-by-state index and then a chance to get in touch with policy-makers. So I can get in touch and tell them to update their pages!

Regrettably, that brings up this message:

Sorry, the page you requested could not be found.

During our last site redesign, some addresses may have changed. Please try using the search below, or looking through our program areas in the left-hand navigation.

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