Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mellen, Mine Moot Meeting

I thought the "chamber-of-commerce mentality" DNR team was headed in the wrong direction when Cathy Stepp turned the agency's Madison headquarters into a Halloween treat buffet and costume show.

Her partisan cheerleading for the open-pit/mountain-top removal iron mining bill, her smiley-face young deer shooting and embarrassingly insufficient air-quality messaging while the agency's climate change pages sit scrubbed and dormant were more evidence that the agency is clueless and rudderless.

But this one sets an even higher bar for tone-deaf self-parody:

With her thumb firmly on the scales in favor of an iron mine that will cut, dynamite and scour miles of forests, the DNR under Stepp's 'guidance' is holding this meeting Thursday in Mellen, at the edge of the proposed mine's footprint:

MADISON -- Representatives from nearly every sector of Wisconsin’s job-supporting forest industry will meet in Mellen August 29 to discuss how best to use the latest in science and real life experiences to ensure forests sustain their economic and environmental vitality.
Here's a suggested item #1:  

Don't @*$%! destroy them.


Anonymous said...

Halloween buffet and costume show...

I'm thinking of coming as a ghost this Halloween. Maybe that will get ma an 11% raise?

Anonymous said...

Good thinking, Anonymous #1. I have been wondering whether Chief "Big Raise" Erwin actually comes to the office each day. We never see him and hear his voice in a recording only on the LRAD machine.

And then there is DOA Spokesperson Stephanie Marquis who is never at her phone and never returns the messages callers leave her. What hours does she keep at the office, I wonder?