Saturday, August 31, 2013

That Is A Police Chief, And Those Weapons Belong To The Public

No wonder he's been suspended.

It started with this.


Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to own one of those nice firearms, the easiest way to do so is to create what's called an NFA Trust.

The trust will run about $200-400, then you pay a tax of about $200 more and you can get one with out much of a hassle.

The costly part is the ammunition. As you can see from the video, these things eat a lot of brass. However, most ranges don't allow them, so you best have your own land too.

Happy shooting.

Sonoma Badger said...

Ya know what ?! Who gives a sh*t about owning guns. Why don't you all just grow up. If you hunt and eat your kill, by all means own a gun. Otherwise, you are a moron living In a dream world, or should I say Nightmare world, where Everybody is coming to get you and it's just easier to shoot people rather than talk to them. Easier to be a manly man rather than a Human Being. You all make me sick.

Anonymous said...

@ Sonoma,

Good, glad you are not feeling well because I choose to exercise my constitutional rights.

Do you also feel ill when free speech is involved? Do you get nauseous when voting rights are exercised?

Here is your solution. Take a pill.