Saturday, August 24, 2013

GOP-Led Legislature Alters Official WI Webpage

Like this one, about the State Constitution, notes the blog MAL Contends...:

The Wisconsin Legislature's webpage on Suffrage, voting, has been changed while under GOP control since 2011.

The following misleading sentence has been added: "An Indiana statute requiring citizens voting in person on election day, or casting a ballot in person at the office of the circuit court clerk prior to election day, to present photo identification issued by the government did not violate constitutional standards. Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, 553 U.S. 181, 128 S. Ct. 1610, 170 L. Ed. 2d 574 (2008)."

This is the first time such a naked display of partisanship has been on display on what used to be a non-political webpage on the Wisconsin Constitution maintained under the auspices of the Wisconsin Legislature. The URL is: .

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Rev. paleotectonics said...

Kind of like when, after Caribou Barbie said Lexington and Concord were in New Hampshire, the troglodytes did the Wikipedia edit scam.

You poor people, I love and miss Wisconsin but it will be a province of Teabagistan by the time Lil' Scottie is done, even Thompson wasn't this bad.