Friday, August 9, 2013

Krieser Lifted Veil On Walker, Administration Attitudes

The biggest misinterpretation of the weird and ugly rant against immigrants that cost senior WisDOT official Steven Krieser his $97,000-a-year-position would be that it was an isolated outburst, without context.

The entire thrust of the Walker philosophy and administration has been to undermine low-income people, to increase their burdens and to isolate them.

Walker, his legislative allies and administration raised taxes on low-income people. They are pushing voter suppression tactics that will fall most heavily on the urban poor. They have banned regional transit arrangements that would provide greater access for transit users searching for work and housing. They have cut back funding for public schools and are costing up to 90,000 low-income residents their health insurance.

As an appointee, a representative, a public face, Steven Krieser is not a Walker exception. He is the norm and was put in this position because that's where he would be a loyal, reflexively-rightist apparatchik.

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Karl said...

Yes....well said!