Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Journal Communications Marketing Wider Charlie Sykes Influence

Charlie uses his morning talk show perch on the far right at WTMJ-AM radio to constantly hype GOP candidates and bash the parent company Journal Communications' iconic daily newspaper - - The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - - as the liberal [Sic] "dead tree" - - but still the corporate honchos in offices some flights of stairs above the newsroom at 4th and State Sts. are investing in Sykes and setting up even wider distribution for his brand while disinvesting in the newsroom via buyouts.

The company is sending a signal to readers and viewers that Right is right.

Message received.

Here is the Journal Broadcast Group's ad for the position to manage the Sykes distribution, including:

The Conservative Politics Digital Project is a new suite of digital products related to Charlie Sykes and targeted at Conservatives in Wisconsin. The Project will include podcasts, web columns, video and on-location events. The Managing Editor is the chief content manager for this digital project. The Managing Editor reports to the Vice President of Interactive Media and is responsible for the project’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. The successful candidate will be a politically aware, high-impact, dynamic and a visionary leader.

•  Manage the Charlie Sykes Digital Project Content

 o Take responsibility for all content within the Project
 o Collaborate with Charlie Sykes daily to extend his brand and content

 o Formulate and execute content strategies to increase reader value 

 o Use a strong “voice” and writing style to create content for the Project

 o Recruit the best contributors available and manage content from those contributors o Edit contributed content for publication

•  Manage the Charlie Sykes Digital Project as a business unit of Journal Broadcast Group o Manage project staff that includes a webmaster, producer and outsourced contributors

 o Assist in the formulation and manage the Project budget

 o Identify and develop content for sponsorship sales within the Project
As MediaMatters reports:
Sykes promoted the new project on his WTMJ Blog Monday, stating in part:
The playing field remains tilted against conservatives. The left still controls the mainstream media, universities, and have a head start on some of the new media.
That is where RightWisconsin comes in.
RightWisconsin will be a digital community, a rallying point, a one-stop source for conservatives on the front lines here.
RightWisconsin will be more than simply another conservative website; it will have a full-time staff and multiple platforms -- mobile, tablet, internet, social media applications.
He later boasts that having Journal Communications behind him will help spread his influence:
We can do all of this because we have the resources of a major media company behind us, including the state's biggest radio station and top-rated television station. In other words, we have built-in platforms for promotion as well as the infrastructure to make RightWisconsin multi-media.
We are hoping to partner with conservative groups throughout the state. RightWisconsin will not be in competition with those groups, it will provide another outlet for them. And it will drive the left and their allies nuts.


Charlie Sykes said...

Money money money- the bottom line is money. The JS is now a slave to the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on MediaWI(.com) and thought it was a joke. Sadly it appears not to be.