Monday, October 22, 2012

How Long Will It Take Romney's Haughty CEO Persona To Emerge

I'd say within the first 10 minutes.


Ron R said...

Which is about 5 minutes longer than Obama's "I'm the professor so I'm always right even when I'm Wrong" Persona to appear.

Boxer said...

The thing is, Ron, that President Obama does know a lot more than the students in the room. If that comes off as arrogant to some, it's seen as confidence by others. I'm more than willing to trade off a bit of arrogance (if you want to go that far) for the idiocy of George W. Bush. I want my professors--and my President--to know much more than me about foreign policy, terrorism and security, economics and yes--constitutional law. I want my President to be smarter than my dog, which is a standard one could never be certain of with Bush.
Are we better off than we were 4 years ago? You betcha!

Jonathan Swift said...

It would be interesting to go back and compare the interactions of the Kerry- Bush debates and the Dole- Clinton debates to the current debates. I found Romney's lack of respect for a sitting president to be inappropriate.