Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Obama Stare And The Romney Sweat

I managed to see some replayed TV clips of Debate #3 today and got a look at the stare President Obama beamed at Mitt Romney.

That had to be disconcerting - - after all, that's the President of the United States (a/k/a/ "Most Powerful Man In The Free World") directing that icy eye contact your way - - and I'd say there was a direct relationship between that mind game and the sweat popping out on Romney's face.

Cameras caught that same Obama glare aimed Romney's way in Debate #2 when Romney was in the middle of his "acts of terror" FUBAR and asked the President a question - - to which Obama said, simply, "Governor, proceed."

So Obama proceeded to use the tactic in Debate #3, where Romney was over-matched on the facts and appearances.

I'm sure Romney is on a behind-closed-doors Apology Tour with donors today.


Algore is right!!!!!!!! said...

What the hell is going on!!!???? The most important issue in the history of the world was not even mentioned once during the presidential debate!!!!! The earth is heating up uncontrollably due to our use of carbon fuels which will soon lead to the death of our entire civilization and the destruction of all life on earth and Barrack Obama doesn’t even bring the subject up!!!! He has abandoned the only cause which is important!!!! We will soon all burn up and die because of global warming and we can avoid it by not using energy, but he no longer cares???!!!

You summertime environmentalists who only talk about global warming when it is hot out in the summer and refuse to even think about it when we are freezing our asses off the rest of the year are truly pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck as a full-time environmentalist that does not use energy.