Friday, October 12, 2012

Post-Debate Today, Righty Radio Mightily Offended

Summation: 69-year-old meanie mistreated 42-year-old body builder.


Anonymous said...

biden looked like a circus clown, laughing, giggling and throwing his hands in the air while Ryan was relaxed, serious and professional. And you Madison liberals actually think that Biden won.

A. Wag said...


Anonymous said...

Great point the RW calls it rude .... of course that is when the Dems are dishing it. When it come from their nut jobs it's being strong.

Martha Raddatz did a great job trying to get at the facts.

It's not that Rmoney and Ryan don't know that facts. It's that they know them all to well! They know that the American voters WILL NOT vote for them if the tell the truth.

Ryan has always had a plan to privatize Social Security and kill Medicare.

Lets start with these two topics. The truth here will not get you elected and you know it. You just hope that you can lie your way into office.

That's before we get to your agenda against women.
Woman are rightfully not happy with your agenda. You will feel their anger on Nov 6th.

Your lies are catching up with you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35

if Biden was a "circus clown" he was the one carrying a big hammer and he was the one playing wack-a-mole with one Ryan lie after the other. Lie after lie Biden hammered home the truth.

Clearly this is part of the Romney / Ryan campaign plan. The more lies you propagate the harder it will be for the Dems to call you out on them.

By the way it's more than just "Madison liberals" that actually know who won. The top of the state is to smart to be fooled by the continuous screed of the GOP lies.

Gish Gallop or bull..hit it makes no difference what you call it both version are the same.. lie, lie, lie, lie.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Biden was completely unprofessional, but that is how liberals like their side to act. Throwing tantrums, yelling, acting like children etc... so I wasn't too surprised.

Good thing Ryan was prepared and didn't stoop to Biden's level.

In the end, this debate is not going to tip the scales one way or another. Biden did what the democrat party wanted and Ryan acted professional and got his talking points across when he wasn't being interrupted.

The next presidential debate is what people are waiting for. Perhaps Obama can pick himself back up and get some momentum back, or maybe Romney finishes him off with another strong performance. I hope and predict it is the latter.

It is hard to be a good debater when you have a 4 year record of bad policies, failed decisions and poor leadership.

If you still think Biden won, you will just have to wait until Saturday for the embarrassing SNL skit. As a politician you should never want to be the punchline in a parody skit on SNL.

Anonymous said...

As an independent voter, I was embarassed for Joe Biden, maybe this played well to the Democrat base, but definantely turned me off. Ryan seemed more Presidential, Biden was a boor. At least Obama shows more class.

Anonymous said...

The SNL skit I envision would have Ryan jogging out in a red hat with barbells and drinking lots of water. Perhaps springing a leak. Romney and Ryan have not plan. Ryan was very clear. They offer a 20% tax cut with no details.

Boxer said...

With all of the whoppers being launched every time Ryan's mouth opened, Joe had to laugh at the preposterousness of it all.