Monday, October 29, 2012

Wisconsin Wolf Kill Now at 38

Blood flowing for sport in Wisconsin: 38 dead wolves, with a majority captured by traps.

In all, 21 of the 38 animals were caught by traps — an indication how effective this method is compared to hunting.
DNR rules permit hunters capturing wolves in traps to kill them with a gunshot.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe we can even allow this cruel practice of trapping to occur and I don't know how anyone can inflict this kind of pain and anguish upon anoter living being.

Anonymous said...

The controlled, regulated wolf management program is more successful than the opponents have wished. And yes, trapping is more successful and is the method used for wolf tagging. Even when the quotas are filled, the wolf population will be well over double of original management goals. This first harvest is only the trial of how wolves can be successfully managed and next year will undoubtedly have higher harvest goals. Great job by trappers and hunters!

Reagan's Disciple said...

Unfortunately the wolves do not have any problems "inflicting pain and anguish upon another living being" when they are killing livestock, family pets.

Are those of you against wolf hunting also against hunting Coyotes? Turkey? Deer? Do animals have different values when it comes to life, or are you just anti-hunting in general?

Laurette McGovern said...

Mr. Disciple,

I am not against hunting, but I fail to see where trapping can in any way be considered hunting.

Hunters can eat turkeys and deer. Are wolves edible?

Above all, I do not believe there should ever be a systematic hunt of top predators. It is not ecologically sound.

Dave said...

The original wolf population target for wisconsin was based on bullshit. Nothing more. The ideologues who think they need to shoot a wolve (or trap it) are fools and wrong.

Wolves don't intentionally inflict pain as do traps. Reagan's disciple is one of the GOP phenotypes that need to kill and justify it in any way they can. Sick people do that.

And the idea that all animals are alike is EXACTLY what animal rights zealots think. BUt then again, I'm certain that Reagan's Dupe isn't thinking.

The wolf hunt will be stopped as soon as normal people take over government. The creepy weirdos that need to kill them will have to go back to picking their noses.....

Reagan's Disciple said...

So you are against all hunting?

If so, it is hard to reason with an individual who is opposed to the state constitution. Perhaps you should move to California?

Fortunately we do not have wolves down here in SEWI. However, if left unchecked, it won't be long before people have to worry about walking down the country road or letting their pet outside.

Again, nobody has answered the question, is it okay to hunt coyotes? Turkey? Deer?

Boxer said...

Rayguns, don't you ever read this blog that you so frequently post on?

On Oct 14, 2012, James posted about the questionable wolf hunt legislation, including an excerpt from a Ron Seely article in the Wis State Journal:

"...9 percent to 19 percent of the state's wolves are killed illegally each year, 10 percent are killed in depredation control programs, and 3 percent to 4 percent are killed by vehicles. Add those numbers to the 24 percent harvest quotas, [DNR wolf researcher Adrian] Wydeven said, and total, human-caused mortality is likely to be between 46 percent and 57 percent. Research has shown that wolves can tolerate up to about 29 percent to 35 percent human-caused mortality rates before populations decline..."

I call your attention especially to the part that says "9 - 19% are killed illegally each year, and [another] 10 % killed in depredation control programs." So up to 29% of the total wolf population is killed each year, BEFORE hunting began, making a hunt unnecessary. I would also say that until illegal kills are at zero, "hunters" do not deserve the privilege of a legal hunt.

Here's the link. It's never to late to inform yourself: