Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Obama Tactic Last Night? Uncovering Mean Mitt

Putting Bain Capital's ties to China under the microscope, which led to Romney's waspish, Jan Brewer-inspired face-to-face hectoring of the President his face - - 'look at your pension...have you looked at your pension....'

Romney revealed himself as the unvarnished one-percenter CEO lecturing an ungrateful underling who dared question the boss' regal authority.


Anonymous said...

There were times when I thought that if only the President would mention Bain capital and the Sensata plant directly, Mitt might snap. What would it take to make the great facade fall?

Anonymous said...

I thought he didn't look like a boss, more like a mean kid who was in my neighborhood when I was a kid.
I really hated seeing him do that. It was appalling. Obama's humor was so needed in that moment, just to lighten up the situation.

Anonymous said...

Just one co-SENSATA-ugh (cough) could have done it while Rmoney was talking about job creation.