Monday, October 22, 2012

Live-Blogging Debate #4

No opening statements:

Romney, spray-tanned again!

 And gets the first mention of killing Bin Laden.

Obama tells Romney his strategy has been all over the map.

Romney must think we can rule every event in every country. #intensepredebatebriefing

8:10 - - Obama hits Romney he had said Russia was our number-one threat. Foreign policy of the 50's and economic policies of the '20's. Boom, and boom...

8:11 - - First spotting of Romney condescending smirk.

Romney disagrees. Says attacking me is not an agenda. Romney is peeved.

Obama is now speaking as Commander-in-Chief. And that we do not only use military means to meet challenges.

Second Q.  Syria:

Will Romney call for a direct intervention?

Obama talking statesmanship, coordination.

Romney no new ideas. He is not the Prez.

Obama says we are mobilizing and leading.

He is teaching, referencing Libya to explain Syria.

Reminds people Romney said forcing out Khadafi was "mission creep."

Wants steady, thoughtful leadership.

Romney fudging the arms question for rebels.

I guess he didn't listen to the previous answer.

Two-faced here on arms.

 Obama says we are doing exactly what we should be doing.

Hitting Egypt Q. and pushing Mubarek - -  out of the ballpark. He's quite energized.

Romney cannot disagree with this one. Obama winning.

8:25 - - Romney has to agree with pushing out Mubarek.

Romney has no new idea here, but lots of blah blah blah.

8:30 - - He's back on his economic talking points. I'd say he's conceding here.

Obama will recite his successes. A talking-point face-off.

Romney's hair looks darker...

Links Romney to Bush and Cheney. "Wrong and reckless."

Romney is back to his five-steps. Wait for Obama to say it's one-step: fewer rules for the 1%.

Romney shot at teachers' unions. No context there...

Romney in super salesman mode.

Obama in teacher-hiring mode. Oh, man - - where was this guy in Debate#1?

8:40 - - Romney sweat alert. Channeling Nixon. Ducking revenue Q. GO to my website? Really...

Schieffer pusing Romney on the lack of fiscal sense. Obama crushing Mitt on thenumbers, $4 the military doesn't want.

"The math simply doesn't work."

Military spending "driven by strategy," not politics. Boom!!!!

Schieffer needs to stop being so wussy in the face of Mitt's "excuse me."

We have fewer ships and fewer horses and bayonets. Ouch. Obama kicking #$@.

Halfway point: Q on attack on Israel being an attack on US?

Obama as Pres. is on the spot. Says we will stand on Israel. Not committing to an attack.

Says Iran is crippled.

Romney underscoring what Obama just said.

Complete agreement w/Obama. ??

Obama says reports about negotiations w/Iran are not true. Obama makes news.

"I'm glad Gov. Romney is agreeing with the things I've been saying."

Obama explains that creating the sanctions is a complex, "meticulous" process. Speaking as Prez. again. Says "the clock is ticking." Obama making news again.

So far, Romney's most flat performance.

Romney says Obama went on his apology tour. Talk radio talk.


Glad Obama answering the apology tour remark. Calls it the biggest whopper.

Attacks Romney for investing in a co. doing oil biz wIran. Boom.

9:00 p.m. Obama directly responding to Romney's apology tour remark, and insinuation of weakness towards Israel. "I didn't take donors...I didn't attend fund-raisers."

Schieffer's ridiculous hypothetical q. about bombers are on the way. Romney good answer.

Romney going back over old answers, talking points. "I see our influence receding." Obama getting ready to pounce.

Romney says "Democrat" senators. Ignoramus.

Obama listing Romney's foreign policy flip-flops.

Strong Obama answer that it was worth it moving heaven and earth to get Bin Laden. Romney looks superficial in this exchange. Schieffer cuts off Romney: finally.

Romney endorses Obama withdrawal Afghan. timetable.

9:05 - - Long-winded stuttering Romney word-salad response. He hasn't done his homework. I predict he will end w/his econ. plan, as these issues are not his game.

If Obama had been this strong in Debate#1, it'd all be over. You know he wants this over.

Q. on Pakistan, to Romney: Romney dieseling here. Just agreed w/Obama on drones. Now he's back to his anti-Obama talking points. Weak.

Obama can again speak as Prez. Alliance-building. Capacity-building. Brings up Tunisia. Egypt. Libya. Romney cannot deny all this.

9:15 Next Q: Q on China: Also - - who is the biggest threat to us/US? AlQaeda.

An adversary, but also a partner if it follows the rules.

Obama brings up Romney's support of China tire mfg. at expense of US jobs.

Romney says biggest threat to US is a nuclear Iran. Not Al Qaeda. News item...

9:18 - - Romney is on an anti-China roll. Risk of trade war.

Says they are already winning. Obama will crush them.

Obama nails Romney on investing in China.

Brings up GM; says Romney would prefer we buy Chinese-made cars?

9:25 - - Observation on my part: 90-minute debates are too long...

Romney says he was was a car guy.

On the bankruptcy: Obama says "that's not the record...the people of Detroit do not forget." Obama interrupts.

"Gov. Romney you keep on trying to airbrush history."

Each say, 'look it up.' Calling the fact-checkers...

Romney on talking-points, stammering...

Looks like Obama will get the last word.

Closing statements: Obama goes first. Damn!

Obama says Romney wants to take us back to wrong and reckless.

Too bad Romney will get the last word. But on balance, Obama much stronger.

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Jonathan Swift said...

ouRmoney was against the auto bail out until he figured out how to take in millions of dollars in taxpayer money off the deal. Who would have thought he was one of the entitled 47%? I am glad he and the rest them will never vote for him. When he was on the ropes Obama shuold have finished him with the Dellphi punch.