Friday, October 12, 2012

LOL: Party Of Karl Rove Complaining About Lack Of Civility

Especially coming, post-debate, from Dick Morris, on Fox, of all places.


Anonymous said...

Those poor babies; nobody is nice them.

Apparently, the shoe is on the other foot

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Hold on. I'm looking in the dictionary to find the right word to describe 'someone who constnatly dishes it out, but cries and whines when they are treated the same way.' Oh, here it is.


And that's what GOPs and their talk show hosts are. And people like that can't be running the country or a state, or have any position in power.

Welcome to the big boy and big girl world. If you don't like being called out, then DON'T LIE

Boxer said...

Just because the GOP spends all of its energy kissing Ryan's well-toned ass doesn't mean we all have to.

Jake: how about 'hypocrites'?

nonquixote said...

Are you getting your quota of 3-a-day robocalls from Crossroads GPS, the Rovian machine that is too reprehensible to actually hire real people to be told to please remove this phone number from your list.

One might assume that phone numbers taken from the MJS searchable database of Recall Petition signers are likely going to know who is calling and are not likely to be swayed.

James Rowen said...

Haven't gotten a one. Don't jinx me.