Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Waukesha Ups The Water Pressure On Neighboring Town

The City of Waukesha drops a half-million dollars in an annexation move to let the neighboring Town of Waukesha know the city means business: help us out on the Lake Michigan diversion or the town can lose some tax base and water.

And does the City need that many wells and the source there without blending and conservation?

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Anonymous said...

Once again - let's focus on the Great Lakes Compact.

You cannot have a "Plan B".

I have never - ever - witnessed an exercise in wasted revenue and time by an assembly of supposed knowledgeable professionals and politicians as I have with Waukesha's pursuit of an unrealistic expectation.

Fear not Town residents. Plan B is not the only option and bullying is out of vogue.

It's difficult to believe that Waukesha's Common Council members think this is good citizenship or good governance.